X-Hale Pilates Studio

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17 Sidney Nolan Cres Conder, Tuggeranong

X-Hale Athletic

An exciting mix of reformer exercises with an added dose of cardio.

X-Hale Ignite

An advanced reformer class to challenge traditional reformer flows.

X-Hale Dynamic

A High Intensity Pilates class, where reformers and circuit equipment combine for an explosive workout.

About Us

Welcome to X-Hale Pilates Studio, our locally owned Pilates and fitness studio in Lanyon, where tradition meets innovation in our approach to reformer Pilates and circuit-based training.

At the heart of our mission is the creation of a welcoming environment that allows you to experience the transformative benefits of Pilates and fitness.

Our team, rich in experience within the fitness industry, is dedicated to guiding you towards achieving your health and wellness goals in a supportive and motivating atmosphere.

Join us and discover the joy of fitness while having fun every step of the way.

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